Small Biz Tool Kit

A Package of Services



Small Businesses – Restaurants

& Start-ups In Mind!


The Problem:

Small Businesses, small restaurants, and start-ups need all the lead capture systems and reputation marketing support that the big companies have. Actually, they need those systems more that the larger businesses do because one bad review on Yelp or a bad couple of weeks of slow business can be way more disastrous to a smaller business that is living way closer to the edge!

They need a way to capture their customers’ contact information; a very low cost system to quickly send out offers to those clients; a system to change offers without printing new flyers and boxes; and most importantly, a system for proactively, getting ahead of the review sites and making sure that they know how they are fairing against their competition, reputation-wise.

Up to now, at around $2500 set-up and almost as much monthly for a package of those services, those services were way beyond what small businesses could afford! We have started and run many small business and knew we had to find a financially workable solution.

The Solution:

We have put together a package of services at a price small businesses can afford:

It includes:

* A Birthday Club/ Lead Capture SMS System

*An eMail AutoResponder System

*An Offer Management System with Dynamic QR Codes

*A Reputation Marketing System To Proactively Build a 5-Star Reputation

All this tailored to fit your companies specific needs and requirements.

At a very affordable price.

Call Us for a free, on-site consultation and proposal.

It’s Your Time to Play with the Big Boys!!


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