Offer Management Systems

Our Offer Management System is a proprietary program that allows the automatic or manual changing of information or offers without having to change the input method that the potential customer uses to access the offer. In plain English, the customer signals that they would like to participate in a campaign of the business, let’s say, a coupon offer. They do that by clicking on a link in an ad or website, or scanning a QR Code or texting a keyword to a number (SMS).

Once our program receives that request from the customer, it automatically sends the requested item to the customer. The content of what it sends can be programmed to rotate through many offers or can be manually changed when an offer changes, such as if it is linked to a real estate property and the property is sold. In this case, the system could now route the request to another property.

For more information on using QR Codes to access the Offer Management System with a demonstration, please CLICK HERE.

For more information on using SMS to access the Offer Management System with a demonstration, pleaseCLICK HERE

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