The Power of Deal Sites

So what exactly is a deal site?

A deal site is collective buying. It’s basically when a business offers a deal to a list of subscribers through the deal site. People then purchase the deal and the deal site takes a percentage of each sale and then the business also keeps a percentage of the sale. Next the people redeem what they purchased and the business owner now has a new client.

So what are the benefits of deal sites?

One of the main benefits of deal sites is the expanded reach.

You have to keep in mind these deal sites have millions of subscribers and now your offer is going to be sent to the subscriber base of the actual deal site. This means that your offer is now in front of millions.

This is a reach that you would not be able to get on your own but now you are close to customers who may have been unaware of your businesses product or services.

Another benefit of deal sites is new customers.

Now that you’ve been exposed to millions of customers you now have a huge list of potential people that may visit your product or visit your business. Those that buy your product or service are now your new customers. Those that didn’t buy from the deal site when the deal was offered may buy from your in the future or even pass your information to their family and friends

Yet another benefit of deal sites is the increase in sales.

With deal sites you can make a lot of money fast. In addition, with the new customers that you just acquired, you now have the opportunity to up sell them and continue to resell this to them on an ongoing basis.

In fact, studies have shown that of those that redeem their vouchers, 53 % of them become regular customers.

Now according to Merchant Circle 2011 survey, 77% of small businesses that ran a deal said they would in fact run another promotion.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you want your business exposed to millions of people?
  • Do you want a flood of new customers to walk through your door?
  • Do you want new customers that turn into repeat business over and over again?
  • Do you want to increase your bottom line profits and continue to grow your business?

Now it’s your time to harness the power of the growing deal site industry. Take advantage of the reach, the publicity and the potential profits today.

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